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Elswick Community Pool – Training Available

Looking for a New Challenge?

How does becoming a life guard sound?  Elswick Community Pool is undergoing refurbishment and will be reopening in September 2019 under community ownership.   The pool currently has 12 FREE places on a Life Guard training course taking place in August, there will be up to 15 job vacancies when the pool re-opens (on both a full and part time basis).

You MUST meet ALL the following requirements to be eligible for the training course:

  • Be 16 years or older
  • Be able to swim 100 metres (both on your front and back) without stopping
  • Be able to swim 50 metres in under 1 minute
  • Be able to service dive and recover an object from the deepest part of the pool

To be considered for the training you must pass a water competency test, this will take place on *Saturday 20 July 2019, and will take place at Jesmond Pool.  The life guard training course will take place during the first week of *August (also at Jesmond Pool).

*All dates will be confirmed in writing

The following skills are also needed to be successful for the training:

  • Being self-motivated and committed
  • Hard working
  • Excellent communication skills with the ability to give clear and precise instructions
  • Flexibility
  • Be able to work effectively with other professionals in a team environment

For more information on the life guard qualification please see

How to Apply:

Send a one page CV summary along with a paragraph explaining how you meet the criteria and why you wish to become a life guard.

Applications to be sent to and

You must reside in the North of Tyne CLLD area to be eligible, please click here for further details.

Closing date for applications – 15 July 2019

If you would like support with creating or writing your CV contact the Employability Teams at Riverside Dene and Denton Burn