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Volunteering with Hat-Trick

Thinking About Volunteering for Hat-Trick?

Read on for a quick glimpse into three volunteer’s recent experience:

Between us we have over 6 years’ experience of volunteering for Hat-trick.  This time has not only given us sport qualifications but also allows us to get together as a group and participate in friendly outings.  Recently, the three of us decided to arrange a social get together for all of Hat-Trick’s volunteers.

The first step for the three of us was to arrange funding; after deliberating we decided that The Key would be an ideal option.  Having previously been awarded their stage 1 funding of £250 this next stage would build on our skills.  We got together to work on the funding bid; after presenting this to a panel we were successful and were awarded £500!

We quickly got our planning hats on and started making bookings, paying deposits and purchasing other items for the night.  We agreed on a meal out and a space themed mini golf game; for added fun we created a quiz too.


We invited all of Hat-Trick’s volunteers but unfortunately, for those that were unable to attend; they missed out on a fantastic night – let’s hope they are able to make the next one!

Volunteering for Hat-Trick is very rewarding, not only do we get to improve and develop our skills in sport we also get the opportunity to arrange outings like this where we also get to learn about budgeting, bid writing, planning and negotiation and presentation skills.

We’d definitely recommend volunteering at Hat-Trick to young people and those interested in sport.

We’d like to thank The Key for giving us this opportunity to develop our key skills and providing the volunteers with something fun to do.




If you are interested in volunteering for Hat-Trick or learning more about it please get in touch with Michael Gardner, our Volunteer Co-ordinator on 0191 406 0291.